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The framework for the digital superhighway of ‘all-things’.

Europe, North & South America, Middle East and Australasia


A technology systems company specialising in the movement of things.


Partner-centric and cloud-based systems facilitating integration with all companies that provide or consume all kinds of logistics services. Logicon is part of a cross industry collaborative initiative.








Partner-Centric & Cloud-Based


Logicon draws together the best of breed providers, services, applications and functionality digitalising them to greatly simplify access and utility. Plug In to Click & Go.




Innovation and Vision

The logistics and transport industries have always been fragmented and disjointed. Digitalising logistics and transport will transform the industry and in turn the way we all live – for everyone.


Open IT Platforms & Architecture

Global solutions require international standards and protocols. Logicon’s technology is industry leading. Importantly Logicon’s platforms are open. We provide compatibility solutions to connect some of the most obscure legacy systems. Logicon continues to lobby and promote to government and industry bodies the need for global standards.


Virtual Networks

Logicon builds and supports virtual logistics networks. Logicon can customise and service a secure network tailored to any industry requirements. We can build eco-systems to network corporate, group, product, service or region as well as for dedicated strategic or operational demands.


Expanding Services and Partnerships

Our goal is to facilitate building global logistics ecosystems with multiple connected suppliers, partners and customers consuming and providing network services.


Cross-border Expertise

Logicon and its partners have extensive logistics experience. Our collective DNA opens up multiple specialist options for freighting, handling, warehousing, final-mile delivery, returns, ordering, systems management, operational and all other complexities. Our partner programme continues to develop networks, specialised eco-systems and services worldwide.


Concentrate on Business not on IT

Analysing, planning, developing, integrating and maintaining IT solutions is expensive and time-consuming. Logicon and its partners enable you to use your valuable resources to build your business .




Easy to Deploy & Operate

The Logicon API is simple to integrate into your e-commerce platform or your administration, CRM, finance, booking, warehouse, stock and/or operational systems.


Key Shipping Features

API links enables connections to major e-commerce carts, carriers and services for order processing, printing final mile labels, package tracking, insurance options, e-billing and delivery into network hubs throughout Europe, North & South America, Middle East, Australasia, and all other worldwide locations .


Any-2-Any Country Shipping Options

A truly global platform to service businesses and consumers in any country for their shipping requirements. Select the most appropriate providers and services for each of your markets and product categories.


Delivery Management

A single API to connect with hundreds of collection & delivery channels and online shopping & ordering carts supported by a huge range of services including customs calculators, location finders, returns booking & handling, payment systems, insurance, cash-on-delivery, claims processing, customer service and much more.


Shipping Contracts Built-in

No need to negotiate your own rates if you don’t want to. Logicon and its partners have an extensive range of suppliers and some of the most competitive rates. You can add your own supplier contracts at the flick of a switch at any time. Plug & play.


Customised Solutions

Logicon builds and supports both open and closed [corporate] virtual networks. Logicon can customise and service a secure network tailored to corporate, group, product or strategic requirements.


Customer Service – Made Easy

High quality levels of customer service combined with timely and accurate information is paramount can be difficult and expensive to provide. The Logicon Customer Service API enables full visibility to all relevant parties and provides easy-to-use fully auditable contact communications tools.


The Route for International Growth

Logicon assists companies, e-tailers and merchants to expand internationally. Logicon’s services enable you to be confident to trade internationally – profitably!




An open, collaborative platform

for everyone with anything on the move …


Open collaborative platforms. Inter-connected networks and eco-systems. Shared multi-user microservices and applications. Enhanced functionality being added all the time from partners and developers.

Digital logistics by its very nature is a partnership.

A problem shared is a problem solved.

Logicon’s systems are enhanced by partners collaborating, offering advice & recommendations, providing access to their services and expanding a shared global footprint.

Partners as in a true partnership receive reciprocal benefits not just the service channels available but they can offer their services and contracts to the networks.

In time BIG Data will serve all partners with valuable timely analytics.

Logicon Systems is actively lobbying government, regulatory bodies and business to agree global industry standards and protocols for the secure transfer of data.

We are sure you will be interested in exploring the opportunities available and joining our collaborative programme.

Our vision for the future is inclusive, please get in touch.

We encourage companies to join the Logicon Systems Partner Programme. We welcome new initiatives, providers, systems, support and investment.



myLogicon has integrations with over 40 carriers and many more will be added shortly



myLogicon has integrations with all the main e-commerce platforms

e-Commerce Platforms



New partners coming soon

We encourage companies to join the Logicon Systems Partner Programme. We welcome new initiatives, providers, systems, support and investment.