Logistics may be complex and equally connecting the disparate parts of a logistics chain may seem fanciful. However we have to thank a number of systems which have paved the way for new ways of thinking, strategizing and constructing elements of the digital superhighway of ‘all-things’. In brief a few of these apparent to all of us are listed below.

First and most importantly is the backbone of the global telecommunications networks. Under the auspices of the United Nations International Telecommunications Union we have almost ubiquitous, constant and reliable telecommunications with increasingly faster data transfers.

Second, we have the growth of online services, from video, music, news and information. Captured and presented in readily digestible forms in all languages and for all tastes.

 Third, and most importantly we have the explosive growth of consumer driven e-commerce. This has enabled focus on small often single online purchases with the ability to ‘follow’ the purchase, transport and delivery to the door.

Fourth, we have to thank the operating systems such as Android, iOS, Windows and Linux for being able to support application delivery and hosting. Now approaching 10m or more apps available across all platforms

 Finally, we now have means to secure and protect information with open systems such as BlockChain. This means confidence in transactions and information.

 Collectively the digital Logistics puzzle is starting to be understood  ….

 Quantum computing may tame the Logistics beast.