An open, collaborative platform

Open collaborative platforms. Inter-connected networks and eco-systems. Shared multi-user microservices and applications. Enhanced functionality being added all the time from partners and developers.

Digital logistics by its very nature is a partnership. A problem shared is a problem solved. Logicon’s systems are enhanced by partners collaborating, offering advice & recommendations, providing access to their services and expanding a shared global footprint.

Partners as in a true partnership receive reciprocal benefits not just the service channels available but they can offer their services and contracts to the networks.

In time BIG Data will serve all partners with valuable timely analytics.

Logicon Systems is actively lobbying government, regulatory bodies and business to agree global industry standards and protocols for the secure transfer of data.

We are sure you will be interested in exploring the opportunities available and joining our collaborative programme.

Our vision for the future is inclusive, please get in touch.


We encourage companies to join the Logicon Systems Partner Programme. We welcome new initiatives, providers, systems, support and investment.