Growing universal inter-connected digital logistics systems


Logicon’s vision is to develop universal open digital logistics ‘platforms’. These platforms will inter-connect supporting multiple tiered operational, support and services ecosystems seamlessly initiating, recording and directing the movement of any 'thing' from and to anywhere on any and all transport modules.

Open connected platforms will capture all structured and unstructured data from all network partners at granular level – BIG DATA. Utilizing predictive analytics, artificial intelligence and logistics ‘science’ Logicon and its partners will assist facilitate the 'frictionless' movement of things, information and instructions.

Digital global logistics chains will be dynamic virtual systems able to effortlessly operate from any country to any other efficiently, reliably and flexibly taking into account language, culture, infrastructure, operators, resources, finances, demands, expectations and peoples.

The Vision is to transparently, accountably and easily move anything: from anywhere to anywhere, from anyone to anyone, and through and serviced by any number of networked operators & partners and systems.

Logicon’s initiation report explaining our Vision in more detail can be download below.